Thursday, July 28, 2005

How Gay Is Nacho Vidal?

Last night at Mondo, I was hanging out with Gidg and her man The Doctor and MondoErek, drinking an extra-large Tecate and shooting the breeze. I picked up "Hot Couples," which was down in the bin with the other porn magazines, and started flipping through it. The big centerfold spread was these four girls in a lockerroom (last time I checked, four girls does not a "hot couple" make). They were each made up to look sort of like a different Spice Girl cheerleader (which is soooo 1997).

In the first pics, they're just alone. Scary is munching Baby, and Posh is getting it on with Sporty in that very porn "I'm just doing it for the paycheck" way, but then when you turn the page, you see a full two-page spread of the girls staring lustily at the Quarterback, who is suddenly in front of them and wears his helmet and pads and little mesh half-shirt but instead of pants, is holding a towel open to reveal his big boner. This quarterback is portrayed by Nacho Vidal of Spain. He is one of Rocco Siffredi's former proteges and now a star in his own right. He produces and directs his own line of videos and has quite a following. But a lot of straight guys I know aren't that into him. Maybe they're jealous of his oversculpted bod or his large uncut penis. Maybe he's a bit too agressive with the girls. Or maybe it's because as macho as the Nacho is, he seems kind of gay.

Not that there's anything wrong with being gay (I'm gay), but I'm not sure that the straight male porn buyers of the world (even the so-called "Metrosexuals") are ready for a gay-seeming porn star. So, what, you ask, makes me say that Nacho is kind of gay? Well, it's all really quite stereotypical, but let's just go through it for fun.

First off, let me start by saying that it's not the videos he does with the trannies. Trannyfuckers are not gay men. Most gay men don't want to fuck trannies. They want to fuck other gay men.

It's also not because he did a "gay" video. From what I understand, he doesn't do anything gay in it. He just does a solo and lets other guys do the fucking. Nacho is merely a smart businessman and understands that he has a large gay following who will pay to watch him naked.

The most obvious but not necessarily most convincing element of what makes Nacho seem gay is his narcissism. He spends sooo much time on pumping iron and waxing and shaving and oiling himself up. You can tell he thinks he's really hot (and I have to kind of agree with him). Of course, one could argue that most modern male porn stars are into their bodies--Rocco, Lee and Evan Stone, Hakan Serbes, etc. , so maybe that argument doesn't hold up too well. Or maybe they're all secretly gay :)

Another thing is the way he makes himself the center of attention. In most modern porn, the guys are essentially living, breathing dildoes. The director wants the viewer to focus on the girl (which is what straight guys want to focus on) and usually instructs the guy to be quiet and just do his job. Of course, there have been exceptions, like John Holmes, and Jamie Gillis, and Ron Jeremy, but they actually hail from the Golden Age of porn when there was more focus on dialogue and personality. If you notice, however, porn thespianism really started to go downhill in the 80's. The models for the New Porn Stud became Marc Wallice (who, incidentally, like his cohort Peter North, got fucked by men in a couple of videos in the early 80's before he went into straight porn) and Tom Byron, who was always hard but hardly present in his scenes. That was the point! In order to complete the fantasy for the male viewers, you need a non-entity, so that the viewer can insert himself into the scene. Tom Byron's hard cock becomes the viewer's hard cock.

Of course, one could argue, "Rocco Siffredi is buff and has a personality and makes himself the center of the scene, do you think he's gay too?" And I would have to answer, regrettably, "No, I don't think he is." I mean, he might have fooled around with a guy here or there just to try it out since he seems rather adventuresome, but I don't think he's gay the way Nacho is. And my reasoning boils down to my final two points.

1st off: Nacho doesn't really love the ladies. When Rocco is laying into a girl, even when he's being rough, you can tell that he is all about the woman at that moment. He looks her in the eye intensely, he kisses her, he caresses her. He tells her how fucking' good she feels. He smiles and laughs and says "Oh my God!" with his great Italian accent. Nacho, by contrast, is almost trying to kill the woman (or in the case of John Stagliano's Face Dance Obsession get killed by suffocating on the woman's ass cheeks) . He looks very intently at her as he pounds away, but to my eye, he's not actually looking at her. He's looking through her. He is looking at his own reflection in her eyes for proof that he is the roughest, toughest stud around. The woman becomes a mirror and a receptacle.

But even if we say that Nacho is a narcissist and a bit of a misogynist, that doesn't necessarily mean he's gay, right? Sure. I mean a lot of porn performers don't really care about their partners all that much. They're in porn to stroke their own egos, make some cash, and get off. So even that in itself isn't enough to suggest that he's gay on its own.

The key piece of evidence to support the "Nacho might be kind of gay" theory lies in the aforementioned Face Dance Obsession, from which the still above was taken. In that film, he has several scenes with Hakan Serbes. Hakan is a gorgeous Turkish-German stud who started in porn in the 90s, most notably playing Anthony in Joe D'Amato's costume sudser Anthony and Cleopatra and Hercules in the film of the same name. After D'Amato, Hakan became affiliated with John Stagliano and Rocco and did films alongside Nacho.

Face Dance Obsession is essentially a series of vignettes where guys let women with nice curvy posteriors sit on their faces almost to the point of passing out. In the final scene of the film, Hakan and Nacho have a three-way with the very hot Daniella Rush. It's a very hot scene, but what is striking is the connection between Nacho and Hakan. They smile at each other, they gaze at each other as Daniella blows them both, their legs intertwined and their cocks rubbing together. Nacho looks on at dick-level as Daniella blows Hakan. He looks like he'd like a taste too. They both take Daniella from behind at the same time--I've never seen a DP done in this position because it requires the two men to actually touch. As they plow away, Nacho supports himself by grabbing Hakan's hips and his lower back, and Hakan's butt repeatedly bumps against Nacho's stomach. Finally, Hakan realizes how gay this is and says something like "Man, don' t you try to fuck me in the ass!" and then they laugh and high five. At the end of the scene, they each cum on Daniella's face and then gaze, smiling and spent, into each other's eyes once more. I was expecting them to kiss. But, then again, I watch too much gay porn. These guys have some major chemistry, and it's hard to deny it. But I suggest you go out and rent it and decide for yourself.


Blogger the rpc said...

very interesting indeed. as a view of such films, i would have to say i found this quite insightful.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Emma said...

Hey, your blog is hilarious.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous cesar said...

humm...intersting...i always had my thougths about me in the industry. you make a good arguement.

8:06 PM  
Blogger doer said...

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8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where did you see the video. been searching the net forever and can't find it. care to share the link?

5:28 PM  
Blogger Billy Farquhar said...

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6:56 PM  
Blogger Billy Farquhar said...

I don't think you can watch it online. You can buy it here:

6:57 PM  
Blogger Billy Farquhar said...

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6:57 PM  
Anonymous vincent said...

Hi !

I love the movie you're talking about. I just want you to know that I have seen this position in an other movie. I forgot the title (sorry). In last scene, there is a gangbang with 3 women and two men. And there is the same kind of DP. And do you know who men are ? Rocci Siffredi and Nacho Vidal ! But this time, nacho is over the girl and Rocco behind ! Do you believe it ?

6:20 PM  
Blogger vivamazzuolo said...

as you said, Nacho is a smart (very smart)guy, who knows that adding some gay flavour in his videos, he will induce you, me and many other gays to wonder whether he is gay too, and that will drive us to buy his next works. But, this apart, what really striked me in your comment was your remark about nacho's way of using female partners' face as a mirror of is virility. Very intelligent. Many,many centuries ago, Sant'Agostino from Ippona, talking about his behaviour when he was young, wrote the same things...

12:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting post.

I must say though that as a straight man, I don't like spending money on porn movies that have any gay overtones whatsoever, no matter how subtle.

Because of his gay following, Nacho sometimes seems to almost go out of his way to inject some rather awkward moments between the men in his scenes. As you mentioned, he will fuck women in deliberately unorthodox positions to narrow the physical distance between his male co-star(s) and himself, or he'll fuck the starlet in positions that give a (disgusting) view of his rear end... whatever puts him and not the female at the center of the action.

That said, I too am sure he isn't gay, but very aware of the diversity within his fan base. He knows a lot of gay dudes lust after him, so he does his best to exploit that. What's annoying is that back when he still starred in boy/girl scenes, he would use those movies to pander to his gay fans. Very annoying for straight viewers like me that want to see hot women get fucked by big dicks without hairy man-ass blocking the view.

Thankfully, however, Nacho seems now to have taken his gay stuff to tranny and all-gay titles where it is not out of place.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Rocko Biggest GAY FAN! said...

I know one thing I usualy don't have Crushes on Striaght Porn Stars, but I'm totaly in Love with Nacho Vidal.That because I have extreamly good Gay dar!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there! nice try but no 'cigar'.!!! your 2nd last point gets totally blown out of the water when you watch a vid of a fuck between him and ashley blue!!! the whole time he is staring into her eyes like he wants to rip her apart!! Nacho is King! a hetro king that is with a good business head and knows the porn industry better than anyone!! he has even fooled you gay followers!! I understand your comments but Nacho is not gay and rather has a passion for sex that many of us would not understand!! he is the best!!! luv you nacho! Jay from Oz!

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered your site and i find that hillarius !
I agree with you that in this scene there is an obvious "connection" among the 2 men,like good friends ? what to say...? The most strange thing is that Nacho is so much more "soft" in his behaviour comparing to all his other movies. As for the lookings and for the touchings,they're very "sentimental" if i could say sucj a thing. At the end of the scene Hakan is touching Nacho at his back and his ass,and during the double blowjob i think that he is also grapping Nacho's hand,when he is touching Danniela's hair.
These are only thoughts from quite a lot of porn.But something tells me that the two of them might be played each other.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous kavles said...

Hey,nice blog !
I don't think that Nacho is gay,but probably he wants to play with Hakan-i think he likes him. I could say the same for Hakan,probably most.
The strange thing is that Naho has mauh more "soft" behavior than usual.The two men look at eacch other with admiration.Hakan grabs Nacho's hand while Daniella makes the double blowjob.He also "hunks" Nacho's back when he is finished.
I think that the two of them,will probably do some sex game!

11:53 AM  
Blogger Billy Farquhar said...

I love that nearly 7 years on, this is by far the most popular post on this now-defunct blog. And that you all have made this the number one site that pops up in Google when searching for "gay" and "Nacho Vidal" together. Cheers!

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a straight woman, I find Nacho to be an Italian god. I have seen this movie and find it to me a softer Nacho almost like two friends enjoying what they do well together. I also imagine labeling a person who chooses sex as a career, has many turn ons, gay or straight or bi. Straight women everywhere love him as much as the gays. So whatever he is, he makes humanity aroused. Yea Nacho

9:29 PM  

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